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Chromium Single-Cell Gene Expression Flex

Chromium Single-Cell Gene Expression Flex

Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Flex provides our most sensitive whole transcriptome profiling with ultimate flexibility, making single cell analysis possible where it wasn’t before. Uncover critical cellular insights with optimized workflows that streamline your studies and expand sample access to include fresh, PFA-fixed, and FFPE tissues. With Flex, you can:  

- Profile fresh or fixed samples, including FFPE tissues, with our most sensitive single cell chemistry

- Simplify experimental logistics with the ability to store and transport samples without losing data quality

- Batch and multiplex samples to minimize handling, improve efficiency, and reduce per-sample costs by up to 75%

Flex delivers high sensitivity, allowing you to recover more cells and detect low-expressing genes with our most sensitive single cell chemistry.

Flex allows you to choose your scale, and design the experiment that fits your needs, with the flexibility to run 1 to 128 samples, or up to 1 million cells per run.

Flex is single cell on your terms, enabling you to fix cell state at the point of collection to improve batching, 

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10x Genomics delivers powerful, reliable tools that fuel scientific discoveries and drive exponential progress to master biology and to advance human health. Cited in more than 7,000 research papers, their innovative single-cell, spatial and <i>in situ</i> technologies enable discoveries across oncology, immunology, neuroscience and more. 10x Genomics' talented, dedicated science professionals have a distinguished record of creating innovative instruments, reagents and software that analyze biological systems at a resolution that matches the complexity of biology.
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