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Gibson Assembly Cloning, Invitrogen, DNA fragments
Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific


Invitrogen™ GeneArt ™ Gibson Assembly® Cloning: Seamless Cloning Kits for Assembly of Multiple DNA Fragments

Invitrogen™  GeneArt ™ Gibson Assembly® Cloning: Seamless Cloning Kits for Assembly of Multiple DNA Fragments
Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Gibson Assembly Cloning is an elegant and robust seamless cloning methodology that has been widely adopted by the scientific community and enables the assembly of multiple DNA fragments of varying length into any vector in a highly efficient, seamless method.

When combined with GeneArt DNA Strings fragments or GeneArt Gene Synthesis, Gibson Assembly is the optimal choice for building large and demanding constructs. Gibson Assembly cloning is suitable for a wide range of applications including, cloning and shotgun cloning, protein expression, site-directed mutagenesis and small genome assembly.

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Product Specifications
Cloning Method Seamless
Cloning Efficiency Up to 95%
No. of Fragment Up to 5 + vector
Fragment Size 0.5-32 kb
Reaction Time 15-60 min
Steps One, single-tube
Formats Master mix, kits with competent cells
No. of Reactions 10, 50, 200 rxn
PCR product purification Not necessary
Oligonucleotide stitching technique Yes
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