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Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ IV UniPrime™ One-Step RT-PCR System: RNA to Amplified DNA

Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ IV UniPrime™ One-Step RT-PCR System: RNA to Amplified DNA
Credit: Thermo

SuperScript IV UniPrime One-Step RT-PCR System is designed to perform both cDNA synthesis and subsequent PCR amplification in a single tube. This master mix formulation combines the high processivity SuperScript IV Reverse Transcriptase (RT) and modified Platinum SuperFi II DNA Polymerase. SuperScript IV RT is known for its exceptional performance with partially degraded RNA samples, and the modified Platinum SuperFi II DNA Polymerase delivers high specificity and high yields, making it ideal for applications that require accurate amplification. The RT-PCR products obtained can be used in downstream applications such as sequencing, cloning, and genotyping.

In addition to its performance, the SuperScript IV UniPrime One-Step RT-PCR System has features that save time and streamline workflows.

Key performance benefits:
• High sensitivity—can detect as little as 0.01 pg RNA
• Superior performance—high yields and reliable target detection even with challenging RNA samples

Additional features:
• Automation compatible—assembled reactions have 24-hour benchtop stability at room temperature due to a two-phase hot start mechanism
• Simplified workflow—universal primer annealing at 60°C decreases optimization time
• Easy pipetting—colored buffers for visual tracking of reaction setup and direct sample loading on gels

The innovative two-phase hot-start mechanism enables room temperature set up by preventing nonspecific activity of the polymerase and the reverse transcriptase. At 45-60°C, the first hot-start activation phase occurs, during which reverse transcriptase is activated and cDNA synthesis is initiated. During second hot-start activation phase at 98°C, DNA polymerase is activated and reverse transcriptase is simultaneously inactivated to allow highly efficient and specific DNA amplification.

Universal annealing eliminates the need for calculating annealing temperatures. This innovative technology used in the SuperScript IV UniPrime One-Step RT-PCR System does not require Tm optimization for each primer pair. A universal annealing temperature of 60°C is suitable for most primer pairs, helping minimize optimization steps, save time, and avoid mistakes in reaction setup. Furthermore, in colored format, the SuperScript IV RT Mix contains red tracking dye, and the UniPrime RT-PCR Master mix contains blue tracking dye. During reaction setup, when the two solutions are mixed, the final reaction mix turns purple, which provides easy visual tracking.

In summary, the Invitrogen SuperScript IV UniPrime One-Step RT-PCR System is a reliable and efficient solution that offers high sensitivity, accuracy, automation compatibility, and convenience.

RT PCR Simplified: 7 Benefits of SuperScript IV UniPrime One-Step RT-PCR System

Product Specifications
Multiplex Capability Yes
Optimal Reaction Temperature 50°C to 65°C
Reverse Transcriptase SuperScript IV
Hot Start Built-in Hot Start
PCR Method 1-step-RT-PCR
Reaction Format Master Mix
Reagent Type Reverse Transcription
Size (Final Product) Up to 13 kb
Starting Material RNA
GC-Rich PCR Performance High
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