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Multiplexed and Ultrasensitive Protein Biomarker Testing Services

Multiplexed and Ultrasensitive Protein Biomarker Testing Services

Myriad RBM, Inc. is a CLIA certified, multiplexed immunoassay testing laboratory that solves complex pharmacodynamic drug development challenges with innovative biomarker services. Myriad RBM’s internally developed and manufactured immunoassay kits based on Multi-Analyte Profiling (MAP) and ultrasensitive Single-Molecule Array (SimoaTM) technology, provide reproducible and quantitative data for hundreds of human proteins.

Multiplexed Multi Analyte Profile (MAP) platform

o Measure dozens to 100s of proteins simultaneously

o Menu of 250+ immunoassays spread across 50+ validated multiplex panels

o Run selected markers in parallel using a unique liquid handling platform, allowing us to process dozens of multiplexes at the same time on a single sample thaw.

Simoa Ultrasensitive Immunoassay platform

o Quantify extremely low abundant proteins 

o Select from a menu of 30+ ultrasensitive immunoassays

o Achieve10-1000 times more sensitivity than standard sandwich immunoassays 

All assays are developed, manufactured and validated internally at Myriad RBM and are ready for testing clinical samples under rigorous QC criteria in our CLIA certified lab.

Testing services are facilitated by a dedicated Project Management team experienced in supporting clinical trials and drug development programs. 

A full listing of available biomarkers can be found here, or please send us an email  to clientservices@myriadrbm.com with your requested biomarkers.