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Build Your Own Panel of Up to 21 Human Protein Biomarkers From a Pre-Validated Library of ∼ 200 Assays Covering Major Disease Areas

Build Your Own Panel of Up to 21 Human Protein Biomarkers From a Pre-Validated Library of ∼ 200 Assays Covering Major Disease Areas

Mix and match 15 to 21 pre-validated assays from an extensive Olink library that covers a broad range of disease areas, such as:

•    Inflammation
•    Oncology
•    Neurology
•    Cardiovascular
•    Immuno-Oncology

The data is reported in absolute (pg/mL) and/or relative (NPX) quantification. All Olink platforms use the widely referenced Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, which provides exceptional specificity and sensitivity due to its dual recognition, DNA-coupled methodology. The same high data quality is delivered regardless of plex-size and scale from our highplex Olink® Explore 3072, to midplex Olink® Target 96 and Olink® Target 48 down to customized lowplex Olink® Focus and Olink Flex.

Olink Flex runs on Olink® Signature Q100 to give you a streamlined workflow with robust performance. There is no need for time-consuming washing steps that could cause loss of material. Olink Flex also offers a novel, precise way of absolute quantification with a single calibrator and pre-defined standard curves, allowing you to skip dilution series and avoid variation between runs. The NPX Signature software is purpose designed with built-in QC and data analysis.

Product Specifications
Sample type Human serum or plasma
Sample volume 1 μL
Units reported pg/mL
Number of biomarkers measured simultaneously 21
Number of samples analyzed simultanously 40
Total protein biomarker library to select from ~200 assays
About Olink
Olink Proteomics provides world-class, scalable solutions for multiplexed protein biomarker discovery and protein analysis, based on a unique dual-recognition, DNA-coupled protein detection technology that provides unparalleled specificity with high sensitivity and broad dynamic range. The Olink library of thoroughly validated assays comprises ~3000 proteins that cover all major biological pathways and are available in a range of multiplexing levels and formats, from the Olink® Explore platform for high throughput biomarker discovery, to the disease/biological process-focused Olink® Target panels for targeted protein biomarker analysis. Backed by expert biostatistical and bioinformatic support, Olink's technology has been widely used across a broad range of applications in academic/clinical research and in drug development, with almost 1000 peer-reviewed articles published. Based in Uppsala, Sweden, the company is now a NASDAQ-listed organization with a strong global presence.