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PrismA ELISA Kit. The Only Commercial ELISA Kit Specifically Designed for Use With MabSelect PrismA™ Resins.

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PrismA ELISA kit contains all required reagents. This includes the PrismA ligand optimized for use in ELISA and polyclonal antibodies raised specifically against the PrismA ligand. PrismA ELISA kit was developed with a focus on usability, robustness, and environmental sustainability.

Key benefits:
- Matched PrismA protein A ligand included in the kit removes the need to separately source standard and create a custom protocol
- High IgG tolerance simplifies sample preparation
- Parts per billion sensitivity minimizes the risk of undetected residual PrismA ligand
- Consistently low intra- and inter-plate variability ensures reproducible data
- A robust assay with excellent buffer compatibility
- Designed work with MabSelect PrismA™ chromatography resin and Fibro™ PrismA chromatography adsorbers.

Download PrismA ELISA Kit Data File

Product Specifications
LLD 10 pg/mL in 1 mg/mL IgG
LLQ 10 pg/mL in 1 mg/mL IgG
Intra-assay CV < 20%
Inter-assay CV < 20%
Range 18 pg/mL to 4.5 ng/mL
Recovery of each standard 80% to 120%