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The Race Towards a Coronavirus Vaccine or Treatment

The Race Towards a Coronavirus Vaccine or Treatment

The rapidly evolving epidemiology of the COVID-19 pandemic and absence of licensed therapeutics or vaccines to protect against infection has accelerated the need for scientific breakthrough. Affinity characterization, neutralization, and competition studies are essential in the selection of high affinity and potentially neutralizing lead candidates for therapeutic and vaccine development against SARS-CoV-2. Kinetic analysis further describes the components of association and dissociation that comprise the overall affinity, while cross-competition assays allow for the identification of more optimal candidates.

Octet® BLI platforms are helping accelerate research on Coronavirus by providing scientists:

  • High-throughput kinetic interaction analysis solutions to rapidly select and characterize antigenic targets, vaccine and therapeutic candidates
  • Efficient workflows with wide range of biosensors tailored for vaccine and biotherapeutic development research
  • Fast and flexible platform for antibody epitope characterization and coverage determination
  • Versatile solutions in upstream and downstream vaccine development and manufacturing such as vaccine potency, stability, and titer measurements 

Visit FortéBio’s Resource Hub to understand how the Octet system’s ease-of-use combined with a variety of ready-to-use biosensor chemistries has enabled scientists to significantly reduce time to results and advance the continued search for vaccines and therapeutics for the current pandemic.

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