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ZenoTOF 7600 System for Biotherapeutic Protein Characterization

ZenoTOF 7600 System for Biotherapeutic Protein Characterization

Developers of current and next generation biopharmaceutical proteins are challenged to provide increasingly deeper characterization of inherently more complex molecules. Learn how you can achieve comprehensive analysis and deeper insight into complex biotherapeutics by utilizing the combined power of electron-activated dissociation (EAD) and the Zeno trap on the ZenoTOF 7600 system.

Detect up to 20x more ions in every experiment and unlock new perspectives for every molecule, in every experiment. Reach a new level of confidence and insight for the characterization of your most challenging biotherapeutics.

Accelerate your drug development programs by learning how you can:
- Achieve identification and amino acid-specific localization of a wide variety of PTMs across all charge states without the need for tuning EAD
- Obtain highly accurate positional information with Zeno EAD for N- and O-glycopeptide analysis
- Dramatically increase fragment ion coverage for better peptide maps that include low abundance, labile PTMs and long, difficult-to-fragment peptides
- Quickly and accurately produce intact and subunit results, that you can be confident in

Product Specifications
Footprint Reliable and robust accurate mass benchtop MS system. Requiring very little lab space, occupying occupies less lab space than any other HRMS on the market today. H: 112cm D: 114cm W: 57cm
Software Powered by SCIEX OS mass spectrometry software, intuitive algorithms and automation enable you to make informed decisions quickly. Transform your LC-MS/MS workflows with remarkable quantitative usability, efficiency, and integrity that streamlines your entire lab.
Ion sources Advanced source designs that limit contamination for maximized uptimes with enhanced usability features from a simplified engineering design built from the legacy of the Turbo V source. Coupled with the calibration delivery system for fast, automated calibrations across the flow rate ranges.
TOF N-optic TOF design provides optimal mass accuracy and resolution without compromising sensitivity. Heated TOF path & drone heaters Mass Range: 40 to 40 kDa in TOF Resolution: ≥ 42k at m/z 956 MS/MS Speed: 133 Hz Mass Accuracy: <2 ppm RMS Ext., <1 ppm RMS Int Positive & Negative LDR:>5 orders Inter-scan LDR
Zeno trap Improved MS/MS duty cycle gain with 5-20X gain in MS/MS sensitivity coupled with either EAD or CID fragmentation
EAD cell Highly tunable electron activated dissociation (EAD) allows for a range of free electron- based fragmentation mechanisms within one device.
Q0 Design Improved ion optics design for ion capture and transmission, with easy access for maintenance.