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I&L Biosystems is a leading distributor of innovative scientific products. The focus of I&L Biosystems is on sales and distribution of high-quality laboratory equipment to customers and researchers in the microbiology, cell biology and biotechnology markets in Germany and other European countries.

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Automated Epitope Binning in a Single Assay

Binding affinity is a significant factor to consider. However, relying solely on affinity can be problematic, as the highest affinity mAbs may not exhibit optimal activity. To ensure the best lead candidates, it is crucial to consider factors like specificity, selectivity and biological relevance.

Discover Biolayer Interferometry as an AAV Analytics Solution

Adeno-associated viral vector (AAV) has become a preferred gene therapy delivery modality; however, AAV manufacturing is not without its challenges, whether that is using crude samples, a lack of standardized methods or incompatible techniques.

A Breakthrough Solution for AAV Manufacturing Challenges

Despite the success of AAV for gene therapies and vaccines, many challenges still exist within AAV manufacturing. To ensure the safety and efficacy of a therapeutic, it is crucial to accurately determine the percentage of capsids that carry the gene of interest.
antibody discovery

Accelerating Antibody Discovery With Advanced Label-Free Technology

The development of antibodies for diagnostics or therapeutics requires comprehensive characterization of affinity, specificity and mechanism of action. In particular, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are an exciting and emerging class of biopharmaceuticals with applications in cancer.
Bacteria Virus Microscope

Accelerating Antibody Discovery Using BLI Biosensor Technology

Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) technology has greatly advanced the process of antibody discovery, and the latest platforms offer reliable, high precision analysis which researchers can rely on.