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IQVIA is a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions and clinical research services to the life sciences industry. IQVIA creates intelligent connections across all aspects of healthcare through its analytics, transformative technology, big data resources and extensive domain expertise.

Latest IQVIA Content

Female doctor and patient seated, smiling and looking at a tablet.

Strengthening a Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in R&D With the Help of Novel Machine Learning Approaches

In this article, we discuss how a deep learning framework can specifically address real-world challenges to enhance site selection while seeking to improve trial diversity.
Representation of AI and machine learning.

Flexible Clinical Modeling: How Advanced Analytics and AI/ML Can Help Ensure Effective Patient-Centered Drug Development

This article explores several examples of how comprehensive modeling tools and expert guidance can help determine what specific adaptations can optimize trials.
Pills in a box.

Americans May Take Prescription Drugs for Around Half Their Lives

A new study examining trends in prescription drug use in the US suggests that Americans born in 2019 are expected to take prescription medications for roughly half their lives.
Male doctor holding a stethoscope in front of a patient being pushed in a wheelchair.

Maximizing the Potential of Real-World Data for Evidence Generation

This article explores why the traditional process of sorting through RWD is a challenge, what value is lost through that process, and the underlying technology needed to be able to filter and sort data in a compliant manner.
A father reading to an infant in his arms.

The Relationship Between Fatherhood and Antidepressant Use

New fathers are over 30 times more likely to take antidepressants in the first year after having a child, if they have a recent history of the treatment, finds a new study.
Orange and white capsules pouring out of a plastic pill bottle.

ADHD Diagnoses Have Significantly Increased in the UK

Both ADHD diagnoses and prescriptions for ADHD medication have increased significantly over the past two decades, except in children under five, finds a new study by UCL researchers.
Human brain and networks representing artificial intelligence.

Establishing the Self-Driving Clinical Trial

What does a self-driving clinical trial look like and what does it mean for the industry? Explore the ins and outs of AI in clinical development in this article.

Ventolin inhaler.

Developing the Next Generation of Inhalers

Pressurized metered dose inhalers are the dominant form of treatment for millions of asthma sufferers. But, with the need to phase out high global warming potential propellants that are currently integral to device function, what does the future look like for pMDI use?
Four drug tablets lined up.
Industry Insight

Data-Driven Adaptive Trials: Enhancing Safety, Accelerating Progress and Boosting Economics Through Enhanced Insights

Trial sponsors are faced with vast amounts of diverse data and corresponding endpoints spanning all trial sites linked to their study design. This article explores how interactive response technology can help sponsors overcome these challenges.
Human face looking at an artificial intelligence face.
Industry Insight

Digital Twins and Trial Arms: Is the Future of Single-Arm Oncology Trials Already Here?

In this opinion piece, Dr. Gen Li discusses how AI and predictive analytics are transforming oncology clinical trials.