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Optibrium provides elegant software solutions for small molecule design, optimization and data analysis, to guide decisions and improve efficiency in drug discovery.

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Implementing AI in Drug Discovery

The four main considerations that any leader should take into account to successfully implement AI in their organization are explored here.
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Optibrium Partners With FMC Corporation To Transform Agrochemical Discovery

Optibrium’s AI-powered discovery platform Cerella™ chosen by FMC to accelerate its agrochemical discovery pipeline.
AI written on a computer chip.
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Optibrium Launches a Metabolism Prediction Software Platform Tailored to DMPK Scientists

Semeta™ offers high sensitivity and superior precision for the prediction of Phase I and II metabolic routes, sites, products and liabilities in early drug discovery.
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Optibrium Enables Collaborative Design in Its StarDrop Platform

The new Idea Tracker capability further improves the efficiency of drug discovery by supporting project management, idea sharing and molecule design tracking. The software promotes collaboration within and across teams for more cohesive workflows
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Optibrium’s Quantum Mechanics and Machine Learning Methods Predict Routes of Drug Metabolism

Peer-reviewed study published in Xenobiotica describes an innovative new method that predicts the routes and products of Phase I and II metabolism with high sensitivity and greater precision than other approaches.
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Optibrium Introduces Cloud-Based Version of StarDrop Drug Discovery Platform

Optibrium, announced that its drug discovery platform, StarDrop, is now also available in the cloud environment.
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Optibrium Releases Powerful Metabolism Prediction Capability in Next Generation StarDrop Software

Backed by six years’ research, the new StarDrop Metabolism module combines quantum mechanics and machine learning to better predict the metabolic fate of drug candidates.
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Product News

Optibrium Acquires BioPharmics LLC, Expanding Its 3D Drug Design and Visualisation Offering

Optibrium, announced the acquisition of BioPharmics LLC, expanding its 3D drug design and modelling offering. Bringing decades of experience in computational chemistry and biology.
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Product News

Optibrium and PostEra Collaborate To Integrate AI Drug Discovery Solutions

Optibrium and PostEra have announced a collaboration to integrate Optibrium’s StarDrop platform with PostEra’s Manifold software.
Steve Yemm and Dr. Matthew Segall, CCO and CEO of Optibrium.
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Optibrium Appoints Steve Yemm as Chief Commercial Officer

Optibrium has announced the appointment of Steve Yemm as Chief Commercial Officer.