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A computer chip that looks like a brain.
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LabVantage Introduces a Digitally Native Ecosystem To Boost Speed and Success in R&D Laboratories

New Semantic Search AILANITM Integrates Seamlessly with LabVantage Advanced Analytics Solution and
LIMS Platform to Enhance Decision-Making and Reduce Operational Costs in R&D Labs.
The Thermo Scientific Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM with Low-Energy-Spread Cold FEG (E-CFEG).
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Thermo Scientific Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM With Low-Energy-Spread Cold FEG (E-CFEG)

The Thermo Scientific™ E-CFEG, a low-energy-spread cold field emission source launched as a value added component for the company’s highest-powered 300kV cryo-transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM).
A scientist.
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Introducing the Innovative Agi Glassplant Pilot Reactor Controller

AGI Glassplant is pleased to announce the launch of the AGI Glassplant Pilot Reactor Controller for easy control, automation and monitoring of any pilot reactor and associated devices via a single software interface.
Someone putting a sample in a PCR machine.
Product News

New 1-Step Rt-qPCR Master Mix From Thermo Fisher Scientific Helps Increase Productivity and Performance

Unlike other 1-Step RT-qPCR Master Mixes available on the market, the new Applied Biosystems™ TaqPath™ DuraPlex™ 1-Step RT-qPCR Master Mix from Thermo Fisher Scientific maintains performance at room temperature for a full work day.
Double helix structure of DNA.
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PacBio Announces HiFi Prep Kit 96 and HiFi Plex Prep Kit 96 for Long-Read Sequencing Applications at Scale

New library preparation solutions offer never before achieved scale for the Revio™ sequencing system.
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Scale Biosciences Unveils Platform for Dramatic Scaling of Single-Cell Experiments and Announces Partnerships

Company announces roadmap anchored by new two plate workflow enabling preparation of samples up to 2 million cells and beyond. New collaborations with Vizgen, BioLegend, and SPT Labtech will extend range.
Scientist behind a screen.
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Azenta Launches the BioArc™ Ultra, a Breakthrough, Automated Solution for Efficient, Eco-Friendly Ultracold Sample Management

A cutting-edge, high-density, energy efficient -80°C automated sample storage system.
Two vials of blood.
Product News

Tecan Offers an Integrated Solution Suite for Liquid Biopsy Workflows

Tecan is announcing a streamlined solution portfolio to enable liquid biopsy applications, from upstream workflows to downstream analysis for genomics and proteomics applications.
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New Agilent ProteoAnalyzer System: Automate Your Protein Analysis

The Agilent ProteoAnalyzer system is a parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument that automates the capillary electrophoresis-sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS) analysis of reduced and non-reduced protein samples. Able to separate 12 samples in as little as 30 minutes, this system is designed to eliminate the laborious process of SDS-PAGE gel preparation, staining/destaining, and analysis so you can focus on results.
The ProteoAnalyzer system separates proteins from 10 to 240 kDa allowing for the analysis of proteins over a wide range of sizes in a single run. The discrete individual capillaries are rejuvenated between every separation allowing for the analysis of diverse samples including monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars, protein purification fractions, and crude cell lysates. The system adds efficiency, versatility, and reliability, particularly in your protein QC workflows.
A lab working in a lab.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and Polycarbin Partner To Lead Lab Sustainability Innovation

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, announces a strategic partnership with Polycarbin, to drive a paradigm shift in lab sustainability for liquid handling automation plastics.