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Biomarkers – News and Features

A man runs his hands through his hair, looking worried.

Midlife Stress a Potential Factor for Alzheimer's Risk

Stressful experiences in midlife or during childhood may be associated with a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and neuroinflammation, respectively.
Military personnel.

FDA Clears Whole Blood Test for TBI in Military Troops

A new whole-blood test for assessing traumatic brain injury in army troops has received US Food and Drug Administration clearance.
Someone holding two vitamins out in the palm of their hand.

Vitamin D and Aging: What’s the Latest Research?

The many benefits of vitamin D are causing this nutrient to take center stage in vitamin research. Renowned for its role in bone health, emerging research also highlights vitamin D's physiological effects on human health, including aging.
A neuron

Signatures of Autofluorescence Used To Study Stem Cells Aging in the Brain

Researchers have found that signatures of autofluorescence, the light naturally thrown off by biological specimens, can be used to study stem cells’ dormant state, known as quiescence.
A rack of blood test vials.

Blood Test Could Detect Tuberculosis in Silent Spreaders

Scientists have taken a major step towards developing a blood test that could identify millions of people who spread tuberculosis unknowingly.
Prototype of the ExoArc system.

New Device Rapidly Isolates Blood Plasma for Diagnostics and Precision Medicine

Scientists have developed a coin-sized chip that can directly isolate blood plasma from a tube of blood in just 30 minutes, which is more convenient and user-friendly as compared to the current gold standard, multi-step centrifugation process.

Skin Biopsy May Help Identify Patients With Parkinson’s

Medical office procedure detects the key biomarker in these diseases that could lead to earlier diagnosis and accelerate clinical drug development.
Blood test vials held in a gloved hand.

Fluid Biomarker for Early Detection of ALS Developed

A new biomarker has been identified for early-stage amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia.
A 3D model of a human brain.

Studies Finds No Evidence of Brain Injury in “Havana Syndrome” Cases

Using imaging techniques and clinical assessments, researchers found no significant evidence of MRI-detectable brain injury among a group of federal employees who experienced anomalous health incidents (AHIs).
A person holding two packages of red meat in a supermarket.

Could Genetics Influence Cancer Risk From Red and Processed Meats?

Researchers have explored whether genetics can influence the risk of colorectal cancer from the consumption of red and processed meat, identifying two genetic markers that may put some people at increased risk.