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Cancer Immunology – News and Features

Above image shows a metastatic tumor in the left lung of a patient and the bottom image shows no tumor following treatment.

Immunotherapy Approach May Be Effective for Some Metastatic Tumors

Early findings from a small clinical trial provide evidence that a new cellular immunotherapy approach may effectively treat metastatic solid tumors.
Hospital beds on a ward.

Cell-Based Lymphoma Therapy Shows Promise in Trial

CAR-T cell therapy causes tumors to shrink or disappear, but if this CAR-T treatment fails, the median survival time after relapse is about six months. Now, a phase 1 clinical trial has found that a new CAR-T cell therapy significantly improved these patients’ outcomes.
Immune cells attacking a cancer cell.

Researchers Create Novel Cell Type That Kills Cancer Cells in Research Models

Researchers have combined the genetic components of four types of cells to make a powerful new cell type, Co-STAR (Co-stimulatory Synthetic T-cell receptor and Antigen Receptor) cells. These cells were able to produce a sustained anti-tumor response against human cancer cells in laboratory studies.
Gloved hands draw medicine into a syringe from a glass vial.

Liver Tumor Microproteins Could Lead to Cancer Vaccines

A study has identified a group of small molecules that could be key to developing cancer vaccines. These microproteins are very small proteins expressed only by tumor cells and can activate immune cells against the tumor.
Two cytotoxic T cells attack a cancer cell.

Stem Cell-Derived Therapy Shows Early Promise for Resistant Liver Cancer

An innovative new stem cell-derived therapy could be used to better target and treat the most common form of liver cancer.
A person undergoing intravenous therapy

Potential Therapeutic Target Could Boost Pancreatic Cancer Chemotherapy and Reduce Spread

A research team has discovered that nidogen-2 reduces the dense scaffolding tissue within pancreatic tumors, which is a major barrier to treatment and contributes to the cancer’s well-known chemotherapy resistance.
A pregnant woman sits in an armchair in front of a dog.

Pregnancy and Cancer Share a Common Immune Suppression Mechanism

A mechanism called B7-H4 plays an active role in moderating the immune system in both the placenta and the tumor microenvironment. According to research, blocking B7-H4 slows cancer’s growth.
A gloved hand holds a syringe filled with yellow liquid.

World-First CAR T-Cell Therapy for Child With Lupus

CAR T-cell therapy has been used for the first time to treat lupus in a child, restoring the patient's ability to live a normal life.
A white mouse held in a gloved hand.

Researchers Create First Mouse Model With a Functioning Human Immune System

A breakthrough for biomedical research promises new insight into immunotherapy development and disease modeling.
Cancer cells.

Study Sheds Light on Early Development of Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is one of the most common forms of cancer of the immune cells in the bone marrow. It is considered incurable. Even when patients respond to treatment at first, the cancer comes back.