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Cell Culture – Products

Cancer cells.
Product News

CELLINK & Carcinotech Partner to Personalize Cancer Drug Development

Carcinotech and CELLINK plan to revolutionize the drug discovery market by leveraging CELLINK’s bioprinting solutions and Carcinotech’s expertise in producing 3D bioprinted living tumors to provide protocols for users to develop cutting-edge cancer models.
Product News

Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Mine System Selected by FairJourney Biologics To Advance Cell Line Development Workflows

Investment to expand cell line development capabilities and accelerate customer workflows, as part of its diverse and tailored antibody solutions.
Tracking single vSMC morphology and proliferative capacity.
Product News

Optimizing Smooth Muscle Cell Cryopreservation for Cardiovascular Research

AMSBIO, in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde (UK), announce the release of a poster that describes a comprehensive assessment of the effects of three different cryopreservation reagents.
Better bioprocessing

Spin It First: Solutions for Better Bioprocessing

High-intensity, high-volume cell cultures are an essential part of many bioproduction workflows – especially those operating at scale. However, aggregate accumulation, batch-to-batch cleaning and extensive sterility validation can all negatively impact overall workflow efficiency.
3rd party app note cell culture thermo
App Note / Case Study

Improving Bioprocess Productivity With CHO Cell Cultures

Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) is the cell line of choice in many biotherapeutic production workflows. Yet, in the early stages of drug development, CHO lines require high-performing, chemically defined media optimized for their specific needs.
Scientist behind a screen.
Product News

908 Devices Launches MAVERICK for Real-Time In-Line Monitoring of Multiple Bioprocess Parameters

908 Devices Inc. announces the launch of MAVERICK, an optical in-line analyzer that provides real-time monitoring and control of glucose, lactate, and total biomass in mammalian cell cultures.
A scientist holding a pipette.
Product News

Waters Launches New Walk-Up Solutions That Further Simplify the Analysis of Biologic Drug Product

Waters Corporation announced new bioprocess walk-up solutions designed to further simplify biologic sample prep and analysis.
Cloud computing network icons in front of a HPC.
Product News

Ganymede Bio and Kytopen Partner To Bring Cloud-Native, Structured Data to Gene-Modified Cell Therapy Instruments

Ganymede Bio and Kytopen have announced a partnership to bring the power of cloud-native, structured data to Kytopen’s Flowfect® platforms.
Lab-on-a-chip plate technology for screening minute amounts of cancerous tissue.
Product News

Lab-on-Chip Technology for Screening Live Tumor

ScreenIn3D reports on how their proprietary lab-on-a-chip technology is enabling cancer researchers to miniaturize their testing of biopsy tissue samples across a wide range of modalities and to test both single and combination drug therapies.
Vaccine vials.
Product News

NIH and Exothera Collaborate To Produce GMP Intranasal Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2

The National Institutes of Health selected Exothera S.A. therapeutics to develop the manufacturing process for NIH’s intranasal vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.