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Data Reporting, Compliance and Integrity – Multimedia

prescribed pain medication
App Note / Case Study

Transition to Hydrogen Carrier Gas for Nitrosamine Analysis

This application note explores the suitability of hydrogen carrier gas, in comparison to helium, for the analysis of eight nitrosamine impurities found in pharmaceutical products.

Drug Discovery and CROs: A Journey Beyond Spreadsheets and Email

In this episode, we speak with Chris Stumpf, Director, Drug Discovery Informatics Solutions at Revvity Signals.
Symbols relating to compliance on a blue background
How To Guide

Top Ten Tips for Data Compliance

Data compliance is everybody’s job, a fact that must be reinforced by management throughout the organization. Download this guide to explore ten top tips to achieve data compliance.
Cell Structure
App Note / Case Study

Large-Scale Expansion of PSCs To Support Cell Therapy Manufacturing

This application note introduces a suspension medium for use in the production of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) for allogeneic therapies, enabling a seamless transition from research to clinical settings.
Drinking Water
App Note / Case Study

Ensure Compliance in Your Drinking Water Analysis

This application note explores an analytical workflow which enables laboratories to perform uninterrupted analysis of water samples for extended periods while exceeding EPA regulatory thresholds.
Bacterial Biofilms With Confocal Imaging
App Note / Case Study

Evaluating Bacterial Biofilms With Confocal Imaging

Discover a single confocal imaging reader able to replace up to five individual devices and perform a variety of analysis outcomes common in biofilm workflows, including biomass screening, characterizing growth architecture and antibiotic susceptibility testing.
Unravel the Secrets of Human Disease
App Note / Case Study

Boosting Productivity With Next-Level Chromatography Data Systems (CDS)

This application focus presents a next-level CDS that includes a comprehensive range of functionalities to adhere to GMP and data integrity guidelines and support high throughput workflows.

How Proper Cleaning of Your Lab Can Improve Data Integrity

This infographic explores best practices for daily cleaning of laboratory balances and highlights how the new generation of Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balances from Sartorius can help guide you through the cleaning process with a built-in cleaning app and tool-free assembly and disassembly.
Four cryogenic vials in a green storage rack.

Cell Therapies on Ice: Seven Trends in Cryopreservation To Enable Cell and Gene Therapy Research

Explore the prevailing trends shaping advanced cryopreservation practices, including seven key trends that underpin effective cryopreservation and biosample management as an essential element in supporting research and cell and gene therapy.
Improve Peptide Quantification With On-Demand Mass Spectrometry Solutions
App Note / Case Study

Improve Peptide Quantification With On-Demand Mass Spectrometry Solutions

This technical note highlights a highly-sensitive on-demand workflow for quantifying peptides using accurate mass spectrometry (MS) approaches.