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Next-Generation Sequencing – News and Features

Strand of orange mRNA on a blue background.
Industry Insight

Harnessing the Therapeutic Potential of Circular RNA

In this interview, Erik Digman Wiklund tells us about the discovery of circRNA and discusses some of the challenges of harnessing its full potential for therapeutic interventions.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Mutated Histone-Modifying Gene Leads to Autism in Mice

Now, researchers from Japan have developed an animal model and elucidated the mechanism by which mutation in genes involved in chromatin modification causes autism. They have also discovered a drug that can be used in the treatment of autism.
RNA molecule.

The Most Comprehensive Atlas to Date of mRNA Variants in the Brain to Date

Investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine have assembled the most comprehensive atlas to date of messenger RNA (mRNA) variants in the mouse and human brain.
Strands of DNA with computer code over the top.

Decade-Long Study Uncovers DNA Variants' Impact on Recessive Diseases

In a study that spans more than a decade, researchers have looked at generations of families in a specific population to reveal the role newly inherited DNA variants play on recessive disease traits.
A strand of DNA that looks like it's falling apart.

First Tandem Repeat Expansions Genetic Reference Map Built

The first genetic reference maps for short lengths of DNA repeated multiple times which are known to cause more than 50 lethal human diseases have been created.
A magnifying glass over human ovaries with five other human organs pictured around it.

New “Atlas” of the Human Ovary a Step Towards Artificial Ovaries

A new “atlas” of the human ovary provides insights that could lead to treatments restoring ovarian hormone production and the ability to have biologically related children, according to University of Michigan engineers.
Two hands holding beer bottles.

Understanding the Genetics of Alcohol Consumption

A research group has drilled deep into a dataset of over 3 million individuals and found intriguing connections between genetic factors influencing alcohol consumption and their relationship with other disorders.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Genetic Variants in Two Genes Finds Six-Fold Impact on Obesity Risk

Cambridge researchers have identified genetic variants in two genes that have some of the largest impacts on obesity risk discovered to date.
Sunflower during a sunset

Flower Symmetry Evolved Multiple Times Independently

Researchers have resolved more branches of the sunflower family tree, providing insight into how flower symmetry evolved. These findings may help identify useful traits to selectively breed plants with more desirable characteristics
A golden colored frog with black spots perches on a leaf.

Potential Achilles Heel Identified in Global Frog-Killing Fungus

Engineering a virus that infects a frog-killing fungus could be the answer to controlling the spread of disease and saving the amphibians.