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Next-Generation Sequencing – News and Features

A row of pipettes filled with red liquid

High-Throughput Screening: Advances, Applications and Combined Approaches

In this article, we highlight various high-throughput screening strategies being used to interrogate large libraries of compounds and hear from researchers working to further streamline specific approaches to increase speed and improve quality and accuracy.
Two syringes filled with pale yellow liquid.

Nanoparticle Discovery Could Make Vaccines More Powerful

A type of nanoparticle can activate a powerful immune response, showing promise for use as both the vaccine delivery system and as an adjuvant.
Neurons degrenerating.

Common Biological Basis Identified in Schizophrenia and Aging

Tightly synchronized genetic changes in two types of brain cells may underlie cognitive impairment in both conditions, offering potential therapeutic clues.
Wrapper over cup.

Artificial Sweetener Drinks Linked to Heart Flutters

Adults who regularly drank pure, unsweetened fruit juices, on the other hand, had a lower risk of atrial fibrillation.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Inherited Genetic Variants Influence Cancer Cell Gene Expression

Researchers investigated the extent to which forms of genetic variation called germline or inherited structural variation influence gene expression in human cancers.
A male patient with a doctor.

Understanding the Genetics of Male Breast Cancer

Male breast cancer represents less than 1 percent of all breast cancer cases each year. Unlike breast cancer in women, survival rates for men haven't significantly improved in the last 30 years, according to the National Cancer Institute.
Cell therapy.

Study Paves the Way for “Off-the-Shelf” Cervical Cancer Cell Therapy

Researchers from Japan demonstrate that gene editing can enhance the effectiveness of rejuvenated cytotoxic T lymphocytes for targeted immunotherapy.
Red cancer cells adhered to a grey surface.

Tumor Heterogeneity: Navigating the Next Frontier in Cancer Research

Some types of cancer are still extremely challenging to successfully treat. Once the disease has spread, it is very hard to cure. This article will explore the various types of tumor heterogeneity, how heterogeneity can impact treatment resistance and its influence on precision medicine.
Bacteroides fragilis bacteria cultured on Schaedler agar medium.

Unusual Gene Structure Shields Common Gut Bacterium Against Antibiotic

Researchers have found a novel genetic arrangement that could help a common bacterium in the human gut protect itself from a widely used antibiotic, and have discovered previously unseen genetic arrangements that confer antibiotic resistance.
Various pills on a table with a magnifying glass over one, bringing into focus.

Drug Repurposing Strategies, Challenges and Successes

In this article, we explore the evolution of drug repurposing from a serendipitous occurrence to a more formalized endeavor involving advanced computational approaches and bioengineered test beds, considering its advantages, challenges and successes.