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NMR Spectroscopy – News and Features

Someone holding up a piece of rock.

High Resolution Analysis Reveals Clues in 3.5 Billion-Year-Old Biomass

To learn about the first organisms on our planet, researchers have to analyse the rocks of the early Earth. These can only be found in a few places on the surface of the Earth. The Pilbara Craton in Western Australia is one of these rare sites.
Two glass beakers holding NMR glass tubes.

Benchtop NMR Breaks New Ground

Explore how recent technical advances in the design and construction of NMR instrumentation have eliminated practical issues that faced scientists whose experiments would benefit from the power of the technique, but who needed the speed and convenience of analysis unachievable with traditional high-field instruments.
Cancer cells.

Scientists Uncover Hidden Regions of Key Cancer Protein

Scientists have breathed new life into the study of a protein with an outsized link to human cancers because of its dangerous mutations, using advanced research techniques to detect its hidden regions.
Female scientist in a laboratory.

Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy Accurately Analyses Bio-Oils

A team of researchers at Aston University has demonstrated that benchtop spectrometers are capable of analysing pyrolysis bio-oils just as well as far more expensive, high-field spectrometers.
An array of meat, fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables.

New Analysis Tools for Detecting Food Fraud

This article will discuss current issues in food authenticity, the potential safety implications and the techniques proving pivotal in detecting and preventing fraudulent products from reaching consumers.
A battery being assembled by two robotic arms.

The Importance of Battery Materials Analysis

Batteries must be carefully scrutinized to ensure that they are safe for use. This article will discuss the role that battery materials analysis plays in maintaining the safety and quality of existing batteries and in the development of new and improved types.
An image of a computer showcasing a complex protein structure.

What Structures Do Complex Proteins Adopt in Solution?

To get a detailed picture of the possible structures of multi-domain proteins, a smart combination of different methods is needed. Biophysicists present a corresponding novel approach in the journal Structure.
The skeletal structure of cholesterol.

How Does Cholesterol Move in Cellular Membranes?

A group of researchers have revealed for the first time how cholesterol behaves in cells at the atomistic level, information that could have broad implications for future studies of health and disease.
A 3D map and a 3D model of a protein structure generated using cryo EM.

Cryo Electron Microscopy: Principle, Strengths, Limitations and Applications

Cryo electron microscopy (cryo EM) has revolutionized our understanding of the intricate molecular machinery that governs life. In this article, we discuss what cryo EM is, how it works, it's strengths, limitations and applications.
An abstract illustration of a glowing battery with "electricity" inside against a microchip background.

Understanding Battery Types, Components and the Role of Battery Material Testing in Development and Manufacture

Batteries have become an integral part of our everyday lives. In this article, we will consider the main types of batteries, battery components and materials and the reasons for and ways in which battery materials are tested.