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NMR Spectroscopy – News and Features


Multi-Organ Effect of COVID-19 Revealed in Metabolite Analysis

Researchers compared lipoproteins and metabolites in the blood of COVID-19 patients and healthy subjects, revealing signs of multi-organ damage in patients that could someday help diagnose and treat COVID-19.

CO2 Converted to Fuel and Plastic Waste to Useful Chemicals by an Innovative Catalyst

Researchers dealt with both the problem of excess CO2 and plastic waste at one stroke, by developing nano solid acids which transform CO2 directly to fuel (dimethyl ether) and plastic waste to chemicals (hydrocarbons).

Separation-free "Chiral Chromatographic Analysis" Facilitated by Fluorine

Researchers recently developed a new platform for rapid chiral analysis, producing chromatogram-like output without the need for separation.

Chemicals in Noxious Weed Can "Disarm" MRSA

Scientists have identified specific compounds from the Brazilian peppertree — a weedy, invasive shrub in Florida — that can reduce the virulence of antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria.

A Long Day's Night: Working on the Frontline of Structural Biology in COVID-19 Times

After the initial outbreak of COVID-19 and the sequencing of the virus' genome, Garry Buchko and colleagues quickly assembled to prioritize structural genomics efforts to focus on deciphering important protein structures from SARS-CoV-2. In this interview, we learn about Bucko's research focus and how his team are working to decipher to the structure of SARS-Cov-2's proteins.
Industry Insight

Innovative Spectroscopy Is Enhancing Protein Structure Determination

Proteins are central to many disciplines within the life sciences, not least protein-based pharmaceuticals. Changes in protein conformation, structure or interactions could have significant impact on efficacy and safety. Therefore, being able to understand what forms of a protein are present in their natural conditions, even if present only at low levels, is important for analysts.

Prehistory Shares Its Secrets Thanks to New Dating Method

A new method of dating pottery is allowing archaeologists to date prehistoric finds from across the world with remarkable accuracy.

New IL-2 Insights Guide Drug Discovery Efforts

A team has figured out the details of interleukin-2 (IL-2)’s complex interactions with receptor molecules on immune cells, providing a blueprint for the development of more targeted therapies for treating cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Protein Region Is Central to Parkinson's Pathology

A master control region of a protein linked to Parkinson's disease has been identified for the first time. The finding provides a new target for the development of therapies to try and slow down or even prevent the disease.

The Mechanics Behind Automatic Peptide Assembly

Researchers have discovered that alternating peptides can in fact self-assemble into beta-sheet-based nanofibers, and also why this can happen.