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Single-Cell Analysis – Products

Tracking single vSMC morphology and proliferative capacity.
Product News

Optimizing Smooth Muscle Cell Cryopreservation for Cardiovascular Research

AMSBIO, in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde (UK), announce the release of a poster that describes a comprehensive assessment of the effects of three different cryopreservation reagents.
Tumor Microenvironment

Enhanced CD8+ T Cell Isolation From Mouse Tumors: SimpleFlow vs Enzymatic Methods

Tissue dissociation is a crucial sample preparation step that enables the isolation of specific cell populations for downstream applications such as single-cell RNA sequencing. Enzymatic tissue dissociation is widely used, but some researchers have concerns about the impact of enzymes on cell marker expression.
Product News

iotaSciences Presents First Encouraging Data for Use of New isoPick™ Single-Cell Picker

Results from collaboration with SEISMIC at the University of Surrey to be presented at upcoming BMSS meeting in Manchester (UK).
Double helix structure of DNA breaking down into bases.
Product News

Scale Biosciences Unveils New Single Cell Sequencing Products

Scale Biosciences, Inc. announced an expansion of their product portfolio to enable a broader range of single cell omics experiments and unlock new translational research applications.
Cell culture.
Product News

Scale Biosciences and Basepair to Democratize Single Cell Sequencing Data Analysis

The ScaleBio Seq Suite will allow researchers to upload fastq and BCL files and easily analyze their single-cell data produced using ScaleBio’s patented and disruptive combinatorial indexing technology.
Several tiles with varying letters on them to represent the genomic bases of DNA.
Product News

PacBio Begins Commercialization of the Onso Short-Read Sequencing System

The Onso Platform Delivers Extraordinary Accuracy Which Creates New Possibilities for Research and Translational Sequencing Applications.
Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Mine
Product News

Sphere Fluidics Expands Cyto-Mine Capabilities To Meet cGMP Requirements for Drug Manufacture Workflows

Sphere Fluidics has announced updates to its flagship platform, Cyto-Mine®, enabling it to be compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the US FDA.
HIVE products in boxes.
Product News

Honeycomb Biotechnologies and Revvity Launch New Solutions To Expand the Frontiers of Single Cell Research

Honeycomb Biotechnologies and Revvity have announced the launch of a suite of new solutions and services that expand the frontiers of single-cell biology.
A microscope and a computer screen.
Product News

Sphere Fluidics’ Pico-Mine platform chosen by Biosyntia to accelerate synthetic biology and metabolic workflows

Sphere Fluidics announced Biosyntia, a biotechnology company focused on synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, has adopted the Pico-Mine® platform within its workflows.
Advance Human Genomics

Advancing Human Genomics With Nanopore Sequencing

This whitepaper highlights specific case studies that reveal how researchers are applying nanopore technology to a variety of sequencing techniques, including whole genome, targeted, RNA sequencing and single-cell analysis.