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Single-Cell Analysis – Products

Advance Human Genomics

Advancing Human Genomics With Nanopore Sequencing

This whitepaper highlights specific case studies that reveal how researchers are applying nanopore technology to a variety of sequencing techniques, including whole genome, targeted, RNA sequencing and single-cell analysis.
Bruker logo.
Product News

Bruker Launches timsTOF Ultra Mass Spectrometer with Transformative Sensitivity, 300 Hz PASEF MS/MS, and VistaScan™ for Enhanced dia-PASEF® 4D-Proteomics™

timsTOF Ultra Further Advances Quantitative Spatial and Single-cell 4D-Proteomics and 4D-Lipidomics™, Immunopeptidomics, PTM and Protein-Protein Interactions Analysis - with Speed and Robustness.
Sphere Fluidics news website.
Product News

Sphere Fluidics Updates Brand Identity To Align With Ambitious, Global Commercial Growth Strategy

Sphere Fluidics announced the introduction of new branding to align with its ambitious global commercial growth strategy.
The Deepcell logo
Product News

Deepcell Launches AI-Powered Single Cell Analysis Platform

Deepcell has announced the launch of the REM-I Platform, a high-dimensional cell morphology analysis and sorting platform which comprises the REM-I benchtop instrument, Human Foundation Model and Axon data suite.
The Sphere Fluidics and 3DSecret logos.
Product News

Sphere Fluidics Begins Work With Partners on 3DSecret Program To Investigate Mechanisms of Metastasis in Cancer

Sphere Fluidics, a company developing single-cell analysis systems underpinned by its patented picodroplet technology, has announced its involvement in 3DSecret.
Fully Automated Image-Based Single-Cell Isolation and Picking content piece image
App Note / Case Study

Fully Automated Image-Based Single-Cell Isolation and Picking

Download this app note to learn how you can select 20 individual CTCs in 10 minutes, this approach can be used for DNA, RNA or proteome analysis as well as how these target cells are selected and isolated in high purity from heterogenous backgrounds.
µPAC™ Neo HPLC Columns
Product News

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Low-Flow HPLC Columns for Proteomic Research

Thermo Fisher Scientific is providing proteomics and biopharmaceutical research laboratories with a new line of low-flow HPLC columns that improve separation performance and stability of biologically complex samples.
ioGABAergic Neurons – iPSC-Derived Inhibitory Neurons With >95% Purity content piece image

ioGABAergic Neurons – iPSC-Derived Inhibitory Neurons With >95% Purity

Discover ioGABAergic Neurons from bit.bio and avoid unwanted excitatory neurons obscuring inhibitory signals in your experiments. Using a simple protocol, consistently go from cryopreserved cells to mature, functional, experiment-ready hiPSC-derived GABAergic neurons with >95% purity in 12 days.
Tissue Dissociation for Single-Cell Sequencing content piece image

Tissue Dissociation for Single-Cell Sequencing

With recent technological advancements, single-cell sequencing can now allow tens of thousands of individual cells from a single tissue sample to be analyzed, giving researchers an unprecedented opportunity to understand individual cell populations and their behavior in diseased tissue.
Resolve the Complex Cellular Diversity of Your Samples content piece image
App Note / Case Study

Resolve the Complex Cellular Diversity of Your Samples

Single-cell RNA sequencing produces a substantial amount of complex data that can be a burden if you don’t have time to become an expert in bioinformatics.