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Sustainability – News and Features

An electric car, plugged in to charge.

New Electrolyte Design Could Significantly Boost Range of Electric Vehicles

Researchers have radically reduced the amount of environmentally harmful fluorine required to stabilize lithium metal batteries, bringing the next generation of high-energy batteries one step closer.
3D protein molecules showing the molecular backbone

An Introduction to Protein Purification: Methods, Technologies and Applications

The ability to obtain pure proteins is essential for developing drugs, creating vaccines and understanding biological processes. In this article, we discuss what a typical protein purification protocol involves and the various techniques used.
Barcelona from high.

Compact Cities Have Lower Carbon Emissions, But Poorer Air Quality

The results show that greener and less densely populated cities have lower mortality rates, lower air pollution levels and lower urban heat island effect, but higher carbon footprints per capita.
A black and gold battery stands on one end.

Researchers Develop World’s First Anode-Free Sodium Solid-State Battery

This research has brought inexpensive, fast-charging, high-capacity batteries for electric vehicles and grid storage closer than ever.
An airplane taking off into blue sky with clouds.

UK International Trips Are Responsible for 55% of Travel Emissions

Despite only accounting for less than 3% of all trips by UK residents, journeys of more than 50 miles (one way) are responsible for 70% of all passenger travel-related carbon emissions.
Silhouette of person standing in the shallows of a lake.

Dust From Great Salt Lake Has Bigger Impact on Communities of Color

Findings of a new study suggest restoring Great Salt Lake to a healthy water level would reduce disparities in harmful dust exposure experienced by different racial/ethnic and socioeconomic groups.
Atoms in red and yellow linked together in a lattice.

Researchers Unlock “Materials Genome”, Opening Possibilities for Next-Generation Design

A new microscopy method has allowed researchers to detect tiny changes in the atomic-level architecture of crystalline materials, advancing our ability to understand the origins of material properties.
Human finger pointing to four square wooden blocks forming a larger square, with the words "net zero" printed in green font. In the background there are blurred out leaves.
Industry Insight

Supercharging Green Hydrogen Production To Achieve Net Zero

Tom Mason describes how electrolysis technology upgrades and collaborative efforts are required to boost green hydrogen production and meet rising demand.
Cancer cells.

Compounds Discovered That Convert a Protein Into a “Tumor Killer”

Oregon State University researchers have discovered compounds that convert a protein known for protecting cancer cells into a tumor killer.

Researchers Dissect How Fluctuating Energy Sources Drive Microbial Bioproduction

In the work of biomanufacturing, tanks of microbes are fine-tuned to produce compounds that can be used as carbon-neutral fuels, chemicals, materials and medicines, but researchers are still learning the basics of how to turbo charge for production.