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Sustainability – News and Features


How Plants Break Down Damaged Cell Components for Recycling

How do plants break down damaged cell components for recycling? An interdisciplinary team of biologists and chemists from the University of Konstanz has now decoded the molecular mechanism behind the packaging process.
Newspaper clipping style images of a young boy and girl with the Earth

Navigating Eco-Anxiety in Children

This article delves deep into the hearts and minds of our youngest generation, confronting the acute and long-term impact of climate anxiety on children and
shedding light on how we can support young people through these tumultuous times.
A burger in a pan.

Is Plant-Based “Fake” Meat Good for Your Health?

Are fake meats the healthy, greener alternative to the fatty flesh of cows and pigs? Or are they just another counterfeit component of the West’s new detrimental diet? Technology Networks asked the experts to find out.
Small green shoots emerge from the soil in a raised bed.

One in Four US Households Are Exceeding New EPA Lead Limits

Roughly one in four U.S. households have soil exceeding the new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s lead screening levels of 200 parts per million.
Swim fishing among microplastics.

Researchers Invent 100% Biodegradable “Barley Plastic”

A biofriendly new material made from barley starch blended with fibre from sugarbeet waste sees the light of day at the University of Copenhagen – a strong material that turns into compost should it end up in nature.
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New Material Puts Eco-Friendly Methanol Conversion in Reach

Innovative, eco-friendly quantum materials can drive the transformation of methanol into ethylene glycol.
Laboratory plastic waste.
Industry Insight

Tackling Plastic Waste for More Sustainable Science

At SLAS Europe 2024, Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Dillon, market manager (Nordics) at Mettler-Toledo Rainin, to learn about how more sustainable options can be implemented into scientists’ daily workflows.
A field of wheat in the sun.

Most of the Genetic Diversity in Wheat Is "Unused"

A decade-long collaborative study has discovered huge genetic potential that is untapped in modern wheat varieties.
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Gold-Coated Milling Vessels Catalyze Reactions Without Solvents

Less waste, mild reaction conditions, and no harmful solvents – only a very thin layer of gold is necessary to sustainably convert alcohols into aldehydes through mechanochemistry.
An arial view of fields.

New AI Software Can Predict Crop Growth From One Image

A newly developed software can simulate the growth of field crops based on a single image, supporting farmers in decision making.