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The Immune System – Products

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Product News

Single Use Support Opens US Office

Fluid and cold chain management expert Single Use Support has opened a subsidiary in Lexington, Massachusetts. Equipped with a product showroom, the office will also serve as a base for increased US staff.
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Product News

InSphero and PharmaNest Unveil a Promising Tool for MASH Drug Discovery

InSphero's Liver Disease team has published a groundbreaking peer-reviewed paper in Nature's Scientific Reports, challenging the limitations of in vitro models in MASH Drug Discovery.
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Product News

BioSenic Releases Details of Optimized Administration Approach Ahead of Planned Phase 3 Trial of OATO

New data builds on earlier findings from a post-hoc Phase 2 analysis that helped reposition BioSenic’s oral arsenic trioxide (OATO) program for pivotal trials.
Cancer immunotherapy cells

Cancer Immunotherapies: The Paths From Models to Treatments

In this compendium, Technology Networks presents a collection of handpicked resources, including infographics, listicles, an article and webinar, that will help you to learn more about the latest advancements with disease modeling and cancer immunotherapies.
GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein

GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein for T, NK, and DC Cell Culture

GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein (Cat. No. GMP-41LH26) is bioactive, low endotoxin, and evaluated for lot-to-lot consistency. Following a GMP production management system, GMP 4-1BB is designed to support T, NK, and other immune cell culture. Explore our GMP products!
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Product News

Rentschler Biopharma Contributes to Nearly 25% of FDA Approved Biopharmaceuticals in 2023

Exceptional capabilities in guiding therapies from early-stage development through to market based on over 50 years of biotech experience.
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Product News

Products and Services for Diversifying Preclinical Models

AMSBIO has expanded its range of products and services dedicated to assisting scientists diversify their preclinical models effectively to help bridge the gender discrepancy gap in many areas of research.
Cancer cells.
Product News

Enpicom Partners With Erasmus University Medical Center in Groundbreaking Effort To Discover Nanobodies Against Cancer

Erasmus University Medical Center uses ENPICOM’s IGX Platform and services to advance their research on identifying cancer nanobodies.
Cell Therapy

Advances in Cell Therapy

This article examines recent advancements in cell therapy research, from promising lab findings poised for clinical translation to enhancements in development, testing, and manufacturing processes.
Enhancing Immune Cell Cytotoxicity and Persistence Insights Using Real-Time Cell Analysis

Enhancing Immune Cell Cytotoxicity and Persistence Insights Using Real-Time Cell Analysis

Cell therapies, from regenerative medicine to immunotherapy, are transforming the medical landscape with 75 already approved globally and over 2,000 in development.