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The Immune System – Products

A hand holding a pair of tweezers, plucking a section of DNA.
Product News

Tune Therapeutics Reveals Epigenetic Editing Program Targeting Hepatitis B Virus

The mechanism targets both integrated virus and cccDNA; expected to begin clinical testing by end of 2024. Preclinical program data to be presented at the 2023 Hep DART Conference .
Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

Resurrect Bio Changes the Code To Unlock Plant Defences

A multitude of resistance genes in crop genomes could be brought back to life.
Cancer cells.
Product News

Xsphera Biosciences and NEX-I Collaborate To Advance Oncology Drug Research

Xsphera Biosciences, is pleased to announce the formalization of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NEX-I, a Seoul-based pioneer in immune-oncology therapeutics.
A 12 well plate containing red media.
Product News

Proteintech Genomics Launches First Commercially Available Solution for the Detection of Intracellular Proteins for Single-Cell RNAseq Experiments

Proteintech Genomics, a subsidiary of Proteintech Group, inc., and a provider of multiomic solutions for single-cell and spatial analysis, announced the launch of the MultiPro™ Human Fixed Cell Immune Profiling Antibody Cocktail.
A doctor holding a clipboard with a patient.
Product News

OncoHost To Present Proteomics-Based Predictive Biomarker for Immune-Related Adverse Events in NSCLC Patients

Novel computational model accurately predicts significant irAEs in NSCLC patients based on proteomic profiling of one pre-treatment blood test.
Product News

Laverock Therapeutics Secures Innovate UK Award To Advance Immune Effector Cell Therapeutics Programme

Laverock Therapeutics secures £1m funding via the Innovate UK Investor Partnerships Future Economy programme, supported by UKI2S.
Quantoom laboratory.
Product News

Gates Foundation To Accelerate mRNA Vaccine Innovation and Manufacturing in Africa and Globally

At the 2023 Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, Bill Gates, announced new investments to advance access to mRNA research and vaccine manufacturing technology that will support low- and middle-income countries.
The Advanced Flow Cytometry Handbook.
Product News

New Sartorius Digital Handbook Brings the Power of Advanced Flow Cytometry to Every Scientist

Sartorius, has released its first Advanced Flow Cytometry Handbook as a comprehensive digital guide to assays and workflows on the iQue® Advanced High Throughput Flow Cytometry Platform.
Unlocking the Potential of Cancer Immunotherapy with 3D Immune Cell Killing Assays

Unlocking the Potential of Cancer Immunotherapy with 3D Immune Cell Killing Assays

This literature review explores the latest in 3D immune cell killing assays for cancer immunotherapy research.
A lab worker pipetting into an agar dish.
Product News

Takara Bio enters into a license agreement of RetroNectin® with Fondazione Telethon ETS

Takara Bio Inc. announces that it has entered into a License Agreement with non-profit/charity organization, Fondazione Telethon ETS Italy, under which Takara Bio grants Telethon a commercial license to use RetroNectin®.