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The Immune System – Products

A close up of someone holding a glass test tube.
Product News

Biovectra Signs Service Agreement With Acuitas Therapeutics for Unique Lipid Nanoparticle (Lnp) Delivery System Used in Manufacturing mRNA-Based Therapies

Partnership between two Canadian life sciences leaders offers a commercial GMP manufacturing solution for Acuitas’ licensed partners developing promising next generation therapies.
Cancer cells.
Product News

CELLINK & Carcinotech Partner to Personalize Cancer Drug Development

Carcinotech and CELLINK plan to revolutionize the drug discovery market by leveraging CELLINK’s bioprinting solutions and Carcinotech’s expertise in producing 3D bioprinted living tumors to provide protocols for users to develop cutting-edge cancer models.
A microarray result.
Product News

Sengenics Corporation Launches I-Ome Discovery To Advance Immune Biomarker Discovery and Development

Microarray-based solution enables deeper investigations of the humoral immune response in disease biology.
Product News

Corning® Launches Videodrop, Revolutionizing Real-Time Nanoparticle Detection and Analysis

New optical technology aims to expedite and enhance the development of viral vectors and gene therapies.
mRNA-Based Therapies

mRNA Ready To Make Its Mark: Developing the mRNA Therapeutics of the Future

It was the mRNA vaccine that led the charge against SARS-CoV-2 in the recent pandemic, but now researchers are asking: what other therapeutic applications could benefit from mRNA technology?
Representation of human cells.
Product News

Curiox Biosystems To Advance Next-Generation Cancer Cell Therapies Through Collaboration With Leading Cancer Researcher

Curiox Biosystems announces its collaboration with Dr. Marco Ruella, an assistant professor of medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine, to support efforts in the development of next-generation cancer cell therapies.
Identifying Monoclonal Antibodies
App Note / Case Study

Discover the Latest in Protein Sequencing Technology

This application note demonstrates the successful identification of two low-abundance monoclonal antibodies using next-generation protein sequencing.
Pyrophosphatase and T7 RNA Polymerase packets.
Product News

Launch of High-Quality Enzymes Suitable for Pre-Clinical and Process Development in mRNA Vaccine

Takara Bio Europe announced the launch of new High Quality grade mRNA production enzymes "T7 RNA polymerase, HQ" and "Pyrophosphatase (inorganic), HQ" suitable for pre-clinical and process development in mRNA vaccine and therapeutic manufacturing.
Stem Cell

Cytokines for Stem Cell Research: Activin A, OSM, EGF and More

Learn more about cytokines for stem cell research!
Tumor Microenvironment

Enhanced CD8+ T Cell Isolation From Mouse Tumors: SimpleFlow vs Enzymatic Methods

Tissue dissociation is a crucial sample preparation step that enables the isolation of specific cell populations for downstream applications such as single-cell RNA sequencing. Enzymatic tissue dissociation is widely used, but some researchers have concerns about the impact of enzymes on cell marker expression.