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Drug Discovery and CROs: A Journey Beyond Spreadsheets and Email

Struggling with communication breakdowns and inefficient workflows when working with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) for drug development? You're not alone. Many companies face challenges in managing projects, prioritizing tasks, and ensuring data security while collaborating with external partners.

In this Teach Me in 10, we speak with Chris Stumpf the Director of Drug Discovery Informatics Solutions at Revvity Signals. We dive into the key communication and collaboration roadblocks faced by pharma and biotech sponsors when relying on CRO expertise and also explore Signals Synergy, a new solution from Revvity Signals, designed to streamline collaboration within the Signals Notebook and Signals Research Suite.

In this Teach Me in 10, you'll learn:

  • The biggest pain points of sponsor-CRO communication in drug discovery
  • How Signals Synergy tackles these challenges with improved communication and project management tools
  • The benefits of Signals Synergy for both sponsors and CROs

By the end, you'll gain valuable insights on how to:

  • Foster smoother collaboration with your CRO partners
  • Enhance project efficiency and data security
  • Accelerate your drug development process

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