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Precision Multiplexing Made Simple With Ella

The Ella instrument by Bio-Techne automates every step of the
immunoassay workflow, helping to minimize user error while ensuring highly
precise and reproducible results. In less than 90 minutes you get fully
validated assay data and consistent biomarker detection with no manual steps.
The automated microfluidic cartridge design eliminates typical sources of
immunoassay variability and ensures consistent results within and between runs.
The assay performance behind that data includes sub-picogram level sensitivity,
4+ logs of dynamic range and precision that rivals the best laboratory
automation. All cartridge formats feature the same easy setup, preloaded
calibration curves, and quick time to result. All 250+ Ella assays are fully
validated to ensure specificity, precision, accuracy, and sample performance.
If you need the highest quality data to support your biomarker detection
research, drug development or clinical trials, then Ella has you covered.

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