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A Novel Strategy for Sequencing Larger RNA With Mass Spectrometry

A Novel Strategy for Sequencing Larger RNA With Mass Spectrometry content piece image

The momentous success of mRNA vaccines has prompted the exploration of new analytical approaches for supporting the development, production and deployment of new nucleic acid therapeutics.

Broader acceptance of MS-based sequencing techniques has been hampered by size limitations where approximately 25-30 nucleotides is the upper practical limit at which full-sequence coverage is achievable by top-down MS. A typical bottom-up strategy for tackling strands containing hundreds of nucleotides involves digesting the initial substrate into smaller products amenable to subsequent tandem MS.

In the quest to devise a mid-down strategy, we have been exploring how to increase the upper practical limit of tandem MS analysis. At the same time, we have been developing strategies for controlling the efficiency of the digestion step, in such a way as to minimize the formation of non-informative products, while maximizing the yield of products with sizes in the upper range accessible by tandem MS.

This webinar will present our progress in developing experimental strategies as well as the software tools necessary to support experimental design and data interpretation.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Increase knowledge in the tandem mass spectrometry-based analysis of RNA
  • Learn about new software algorithms for RNA characterization
  • Improve understanding of the activity of nucleases for RNA digestion
Prof. Dan Fabris
Prof. Dan Fabris
Professor of Chemistry, Founder of RiboDynamics, LLC.