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Seer bio technology networks webinar 26th June 2024

Exposome Insights: Decoding Spaceflight and Aging With Proteomics

Join expert researchers, Dr. Christopher Mason of Weill Cornell Medicine and Dr. Michael Roberts of Auburn University, for an enlightening discussion on the profound impacts of spaceflight on human biology and the unique molecular signatures of aging influenced by resistance training.

Dr. Roberts will explore breakthrough, human skeletal muscle research that implemented a study technique never used before to reveal new insights into the molecular intricacies of aging and the impact of exercise on muscle health.

Dr. Mason will share his extensive multiomics research examining the impacts of short-duration spaceflight on human health by profiling the astronauts' secretome from SpaceX’s spaceflight mission, Inspiration4, and pinpointing protein changes in plasma that were never before possible.

Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn about the latest exposome and proteomics research from leading experts who are meaningfully advancing biological insights.
  • Understand how spaceflight affects human physiology and the potential for long-term health impacts.
  • Explore the intersection of aging, exercise, and protein expression in human muscle tissue.
  • Discover a highly sensitive, species-agnostic proteomics workflow that enables superior protein identification from plasma, serum, and muscle tissue enhancing your ability to study health and biology with precise quantification.
Dr. Christopher Mason
Dr. Christopher Mason
Professor of Genomics, Physiology and Biophysics
Weill Cornell Medicine
Dr. Michael Roberts
Dr. Michael Roberts
Alumni Professor
Auburn University
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