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Snag Wicked Fast and Accurate Protein Quant on Lunatic

 Snag Wicked Fast and Accurate Protein Quant on Lunatic content piece image

The Problem
Old school ways to do protein quantification make you choose between high accuracy or high throughput. Pedestal- or plate-based UV/Vis let you get reads in moments, but accuracy and precision isn’t as good as it should be. Other set-ups can deliver high accuracy but only at the cost of taking a long time.

The Solution
Lunatic quantifies protein samples with accuracy, precision and throughput that no other instrument can match. We’re talking accuracy within 2%, precision within 1% and 96 samples in 10 minutes. Pretty good when you only need 2 microliters per sample.

The Proof
In this webinar you’ll see data on protein quantification accuracy, precision, reproducibility and throughput. Plus, we’ll look at some trickier samples that would throw a wrench in the works for other UV/Vis readers, but are no problem for Lunatic’s ability to ID contaminants.

Attend this webinar to:

- See Lunatic’s fast, low volume, UV/Vis protein quantification skills

- Check out accuracy, precision, and linearity for multiple protein models and NIST standards on our unique consumable

- Understand how quantity and quality can be tested all at once with Unmix

Nelis Denys
Nelis Denys
Product Manager, Unchained Labs