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Advancing Monoclonal Antibody Stability Studies With Mass Photometry

Advancing Monoclonal Antibody Stability Studies With Mass Photometry
Credit: Technology Networks

Antibody aggregation severely impacts a biopharmaceutical product’s efficacy and safety. Hence, an array of techniques are used to assess the physiochemical stability of candidate therapeutic antibodies throughout the biopharmaceutical development cycle.

Mass photometry is an innovative biophysical analysis tool used to study the native behavior of biomolecules with minimal sample preparation.

This application focus explores how mass photometry can be used for biophysical characterization, antibody stability studies and the analysis of antibody aggregates.

Download this application focus to learn more about:

    • Accurate, label-free mass measurements of single molecules in solution 
    • How mass photometry complements size exclusion chromatography data
    • Mass photometry instruments that perform measurements and analysis in less than five minutes

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