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Detecting Systemic Interindividual Epigenetic Variation

Detecting Systemic Interindividual Epigenetic Variation content piece image

Studying DNA methylation at regions showing systemic interindividual variation in CpG methylation can provide researchers with insights into disease-associated epigenetic variation and its role in pathologies. Hence, cost-effective sequencing is essential for our advancement and understanding of epigenetic epidemiology. 

Discover how target-capture bisulfite sequencing methods now allow researchers to study epigenetic variation using easily biopsied blood samples.

Download this application note to learn more about:

  • Tools to analyze correlated regions of systemic interindividual epigenetic variation – CoRSIVs 
  • Optimizing target-capture bisulfite sequencing workflows
  • Deep bisulfite sequencing at costs competitive with methylation arrays  

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