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Enhancing the Therapeutic Properties of a Cancer-Targeting Affibody by Soft Mutagenesis

Affibodies are synthetic antigen-binding proteins. They offer many advantages over monoclonal antibodies, including smaller sizes, enhanced thermal stability and rapid refolding capability. These advantages make affibodies an attractive platform for the development of therapeutics, diagnostics and bioimaging technology. The same high throughput screening methods to engineer and optimize antibodies can be applied to the engineering of affibodies.

Download this app note to discover how Combinatorial Variant Libraries can be used to:

  • Undertake Soft mutagenesis to optimize the properties of a dimeric VEGFR2 binding affibody
  • Precisely tune mutants-per-clone for effective soft mutagenesis
  • Optimize other proteins, including enzymes and pharmacologically relevant binding proteins
  • Increase the speed of each design-build-test cycle