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Latest Industry Insights

Radioactive symbol.
Industry Insight

The Case for RRx-001 as a Radiation Countermeasure

This article overviews the science behind the potential use of RRx-001as a “radiation buster” with anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties to prevent or reduce both GI-ARS and H-ARS.
DNA double helix on a black background, showing a double-stranded break in the DNA.
Industry Insight

New Approaches for Cancer Therapies: Targeting the DNA Damage Response

We speak with Dr. Niall Martin, CEO of Artios Pharma, to learn more about the development of drugs to target the DNA damage response pathway in cancer.
Human hand holding a green Earth surrounded by trees.
Industry Insight

Leading by Example, Challenging the Sustainability Mindset

We spoke to Darlene Solomon to learn more about improving sustainability in science and Agilent’s commitment to My Green Lab and other sustainability initiatives.
Unlocking the Power of Spatial Biology content piece image
Industry Insight

Unlocking the Power of Spatial Biology

In this interview, we speak to Vikram Devgan at NanoString Technologies to learn more about how added context from spatial biology techniques can provide more detailed insights during tissue analysis.
Sketches of four lightbulbs with one colourful lightbulb signifying an idea
Industry Insight

How Do You Become a Scientific Entrepreneur?

In this interview, we learn more about the support available for entrepreneurs looking to take their ideas from the bench to viable business.
Population of stick men figures with one highlighted.
Industry Insight

How Bioinformatics Can Be Used To Develop Precision Cancer Therapies

In this opinion piece, Daniel Elgort takes a look at how bioinformatics has already shaped the cancer care landscape and how its role will continue to grow over time.
Cartoon image of two researchers, one presenting and the other using a laptop.
Industry Insight

Using Data Lineage and Traceability to Optimize Publishing Potential

This article discusses the importance of data lineage and traceability for academic labs looking to maximize their publishing potential.
Graphical illustration of a DNA double helix.
Industry Insight

Identifying New Therapeutic Targets for Cancer With 3D Genomics

In this interview with Anthony Schmitt PhD, senior vice president of science at Arima Genomics, we discover some of the advantages and applications of 3D genomics for fields such as cancer research and drug discovery.
One-Chip-Fits-All: Biofabrication of Hydrogel Fiber Architectures Using Flow Focusing Microfluidics content piece image
Industry Insight

One-Chip-Fits-All: Biofabrication of Hydrogel Fiber Architectures Using Flow Focusing Microfluidics

This article discusses an innovative biofabrication method that uses a single 3D hydrodynamic flow focusing chip to generate different hydrogel configurations with specific geometries for various biological applications.
“Rewriting the Textbook” for Precision Medicine content piece image
Industry Insight

“Rewriting the Textbook” for Precision Medicine

Technology Networks recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Fidock, vice president for Diagnostic Development, Precision Medicine at AstraZeneca, to find out how the company is “rising to the challenge” of delivering precision medicines for chronic diseases.