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Biobanking - Collaborating for Global R&D and Investment

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With unquestionable commercial growth opportunities, biobanks need to deliver quality samples to create value for biomarker discovery and personalised medicine. However who should implement quality control; should biobanks be self regulating or should an independent certified organisation develop a system of accreditation?

SMi's inaugural Biobanking conference is the perfect opportunity to network with the industry's leading figures and contribute to the successful future of drug discovery. Join us at the Crowne Plaza - The City, London, on the 11th - 12th July to discuss the latest developments in the biobanking arena. Take part in this brilliant forum which aims to bridge the gap between the worlds' leading academia and the pharma industry.

One of the focal points at this conference will be the impact of drug discovery on neurology disorders. Dr Rivka Ravid, Senior Scientist, Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, Brain Bank Consultants, will use her wealth of knowledge to inform delegates of the pitfalls and practicalities in the daily practice of Brain Banks for biomedical research.

Dr Sven Kili, Global Medical Director - Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine, Genzyme, provides a thorough insight regarding the application of regenerative medicine. Like most strands of medical research, the value and ultimate success of regenerative medicine in tissue engineering relies heavily on the ability to maintain quality standards in a sample collection.

The forum will also look at the operational considerations within biobanking and the need for standardisation within the various networks. George Tokiwa, Associate Scientific Director at Merck will spearhead a panel-led debate regarding the most suitable system of accreditation with use of case studies to highlight best practice between biobanks.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should attend SMi's Biobanking conference. For further information please visit the website:


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