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Latest eBooks

antibody discovery

Accelerating Antibody Discovery With Advanced Label-Free Technology

The development of antibodies for diagnostics or therapeutics requires comprehensive characterization of affinity, specificity and mechanism of action. In particular, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are an exciting and emerging class of biopharmaceuticals with applications in cancer.
A series of test tubes filled with colored liquid and arranged in a rainbow.

Pride in Science

Download this eBook to read interviews from LGBTQIA+ individuals studying and working in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.
oncology studies

Unlock the Potential of Your Preclinical Oncology Studies

This eBook explores how humanized mouse models can accelerate the development of novel, safe, and effective oncology treatment
Cancer cells.

Advances in Cancer Research

In this eBook, we highlight developments in cancer research through a selection of articles, interviews and graphics.
A primer on NGS Adapters: Structural Elements, Key functions, and Workflow Differences content piece image

A Primer on NGS Adapters: Structural Elements, Key Functions and Workflow Differences

Unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) now present a solution that can reduce quantitative bias, distinguish between PCR duplicates, and recognize sequencing errors.

Innovative Tools for Cancer Immunotherapies content piece image

Innovative Tools for Cancer Immunotherapies

This eBook highlights innovative tools to evaluate the potency of immunotherapies in vitro. It features an assay that is objective and easy to perform (non-invasive and stain-free), providing quantitative kinetic results under physiologically relevant conditions.
A drug capsule split open to reveal a molecule.

Drug Design and Discovery

This eBook will provide readers with an overview of drug discovery, design, kinetics and development, highlighting challenges and solutions, successes, various modalities and approaches.
Cell Metabolism: A New Avenue in Drug Discovery content piece image

Uncover New Drug Targets Through Cell Metabolism

Dysfunctional metabolism is associated with a growing number of different disease states. The ability to examine the genes, proteins and pathways that modulate energy metabolism is therefore a promising new avenue for drug discovery.
A group of six female scientists stand together in a lab wearing lab coats.

Women in Science 2023

Download this eBook to read interviews with female scientists to learn about their experiences and hear advice for forging a career in STEMM.
Optimizing Results from Nucleic Acid Isolation content piece image

Optimizing Results from Nucleic Acid Isolation

Analyzing nucleic acids provides insights into a variety of biological processes. However, the quality of your isolated DNA or RNA has a direct impact on the success of your genomic techniques and applications.