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Green and white capsules on a pink surface.

Experimental Cancer Drug May Slow Atherosclerosis Linked to Heart Disease

An experimental cancer, lung disease and Alzheimer's drug may slow the progression of atherosclerosis that leads to heart disease, a new study shows.
Histological slide (H & E stain at x300) showing prostate cancer.

Potential “Game Changer” Discovery for Prostate Cancer Therapy

Researchers have identified a previously unknown weak spot in prostate cancer cells that could also lead to entirely new therapeutic approaches for other types of cancer.
A strand of DNA that looks like it's falling apart.

Discovery Finds Molecules Within Us That May Drive Cancerous Mutations

New research has identified that circular RNAs – a recently discovered family of gene fragments – can stick to cellular DNA and cause mutations that result in cancer.
Computer-generated image of cancer cells.

Blood Pressure Drugs May Boost Cancer Immunotherapy, Mouse Study Suggests

The study's findings may be applied in the future to significantly improve the effectiveness and applicability of cancer immunotherapy.
Blue sky with the sun shining beside some clouds.

Role of UV Radiation Revealed in Development of Rare Leukemia in the Skin

The paper is one of the first to uncover the "genetic travelogue" of a cancer that evolves across multiple different tissues.
A patient in a hospital bed with an IV in their hand.

Functional Limitations Are Increasing in Cancer Survivors, Study Finds

In a study of 51,258 survivors weighted to represent a larger population of approximately 178.8 million people, 3.6 million survivors reported a functional limitation in 1999, and that number increased to 8.2 million in 2018.
A breast cancer cell nucleus, colored pink and blue. Two small bright dots sit outside.

Unexpected Link Found Between Chromosomal Instability and Epigenetic Alterations

New research has uncovered an unexpected link between two hallmarks of cancer: chromosomal instability and epigenetic alterations.
Fluorescent imaging of breast cancer cells.

Changing Identities May Allow Aggressive Cancer Cells To Grow

Not all cancer metastases have the same destructive effect. Researchers demonstrate different mechanisms in experiments.
Red and yellow spheres forming a matrix.

Novel Resin Enables Generation and Purification of Radium and Actinium for Cancer Therapeutics

Zirconium-based materials have been shown to effectively separate radium and actinium, which could enable the large-scale production of radioisotopes for cancer therapy.
A pill bottle spilling some white pills.

Lung Cancer Drug Cuts Risk of Death by 51% in Clinical Trial

Results of a large Phase 3 clinical trial reveal that a targeted cancer drug, osimertinib, cut the risk of death by 51% for patients following surgery to remove non-small cell lung cancers harboring a specific mutation.