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TROD Medical Receives CE Mark Approval for Encage™

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TROD Medical NV has announced that it has received CE Mark Approval for its Encage™ device.

“Receiving CE Mark Approval for Encage™ is a major milestone for the Company” said Andre Faure, CEO of TROD Medical, “and builds on the US FDA 510(k) clearance secured in 2008.”

TROD Medical’s Encage is a bipolar, radio frequency-based, helical ablation probe enabling minimally invasive focused soft tissue ablation. Encage is a breakthrough in treatment for prostate cancer, one of the most common soft tissue cancers in the world with around 240,000 new cases every year in the US alone.

Encage has the potential to reduce the risk of side effects commonly associated with current treatments, including erectile dysfunction (impotence), and urinary and fecal incontinence.