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Adaptate Biotherapeutics Formed To Develop T-cell Modulating Antibody-based Therapies

Adaptate Biotherapeutics Formed To Develop T-cell Modulating Antibody-based Therapies  content piece image
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GammaDelta Therapeutics, a company focused on harnessing the unique properties of gamma delta (γd) T-cells to develop transformational immunotherapies, has announced the formation of a spin-out company: Adaptate Biotherapeutics. While GammaDelta Therapeutics’ primary goal is to develop γd T-cell based cell therapy products, the new spin-out will build on GammaDelta’s knowledge to modulate γd T-cell activity using therapeutic antibodies, with the potential to trigger an immune response against cancer.

γd T-cells are a distinct T-cell sub-type that respond to molecular patterns of distress and have been shown to have tremendous potential in treating cancer and other immunological disorders. GammaDelta Therapeutics was formed in 2016 to harness these properties, and since then has gained knowledge of γd T-cell biology developing a portfolio of investigational cell therapies poised to enter clinical development. In addition to gaining insight into cell growth and isolation, the company’s scientists have also discovered a number of potential drug targets and antibodies that have potential to modulate the activity of γd T-cells in situ.

Adaptate Biotherapeutics has been formed to further develop these targets and antibodies for therapeutic purposes and advance them into clinical studies. The two companies will continue sharing their insights into γd T-cell biology as they work towards developing different therapeutic modalities.