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Advances in Bavarian Nordic’s Cancer Immunotherapy Platform

Advances in Bavarian Nordic’s Cancer Immunotherapy Platform content piece image
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A paper discussing recent preclinical advances of Bavarian Nordic’s novel cancer immunotherapy platform has been published in Nature Communications.

These advances, that build on the experience from previous immunotherapy candidates, are part of the Company’s strategy to develop novel cancer therapies that aim to provide the body with as many weapons as possible to produce safe, potent and sustained anticancer activity in common and rare solid tumors.

The paper describes a novel immunotherapeutic approach where a recombinant vaccine based on Bavarian Nordic’s viral MVA platform technology encoding for CD40L costimulation is administered intravenously together with tumor-targeting antibodies to activate and employ both the innate and the adaptive arms of the immune system, resulting in improved antitumor responses. Specifically, this treatment resulted in the control of established tumors via expansion of tumor-specific killer CD8+ T cells and activation and expansion of natural killer (NK) cells which are important mediators of antibody mediated killing of tumors. This approach could translate into clinical cancer therapies where tumor targeting antibodies are employed as standard of care.

“We are excited to have our research covered by this very esteemed journal demonstrating our cutting-edge science. The findings from this research enable us to advance the development of our refined approach, already transitioning into the clinic with a study to investigate the safety of MVA-BN Brachyury administered intravenously into patients with brachyury positive tumors,” said Paul Chaplin, President and CEO of Bavarian Nordic.