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Arrayjet’s ArrayPlex Platform Selected by Immunome for Use in Its Discovery of Targeted Cancer Therapies

Fluorescence readout on an ArrayPlex microarray.
Credit: Arrayjet.
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Arrayjet, announced that its ArrayPlex™ discovery platform has been selected by Immunome, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMNM), a biotechnology company dedicated to developing first-in-class and best-in-class targeted cancer therapies, to expand its in-house high-throughput screening tools. The proprietary multi-layer microarray platform is also available to Arrayjet’s screening customers through its CRO/CMO services or by the customer purchasing an instrument and performing screening in-house.

ArrayPlex was created by Arrayjet to meet the unique assay requirements of its customers for high-throughput screening services and tools. During Arrayjet’s successful seven-year partnership with Immunome, Arrayjet performed screening services using the ArrayPlex platform, and the platform underwent further optimisation, most recently to integrate internal assay controls and enhanced data normalisation. Arrayjet is pleased that Immunome has now chosen to purchase an instrument and internalise the ArrayPlex assay as an in-house, high-throughput screening resource in its efforts to discover targeted cancer therapies.

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Harnessing Arrayjet’s unique inkjet technology for bioprinting, ArrayPlex is a patented spot-on-spot microarray platform that enables the rapid creation of multi-layered assays. This approach allows two libraries to be screened against each other for unique binding interactions, generating hits without prior knowledge of either ligand or target at very high-throughput – typically providing two-million data points per one 10-day cycle. In addition to screening between antibody and lysate libraries, the platform is also compatible with a broad spectrum of other sample types (e.g. small molecule libraries, protein panels, nucleic acid libraries), detecting hits at an equal or higher sensitivity compared to ELISA.

Dr Iain McWilliam, Chief Executive Officer of Arrayjet, commented: “ArrayPlex is a major success story for Arrayjet; a culmination of years of hard work.” He added:Over the years, we have screened hundreds of thousands of antibodies against hundreds of cancer tissue lysates all the while honing the assay. As a team, we are proud to see ArrayPlex incorporated into Immunome’s powerful in-house operations as one of its tools for advancing cancer therapeutic discovery, and we are excited about the platform also being available to our wider customer base.”