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Autolomous and BioCentriq Partner To Speed Up Cell Therapy Delivery

Cell therapy.
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Autolomous,, and BioCentriq, announce a collaboration to digitize and accelerate process development and manufacturing activities.


Autolomous’ autoloMATE(R) solution is an innovative, no-code, fully cloud-native software platform designed to materially affect the cell and gene therapy sector. Engineered with precision for data capture, operational logistics, quality release by exception, instantaneous tech transfer, and advanced data analytics, autoloMATE offers unprecedented power and flexibility. autoloMATE will equip BioCentriq with a pivotal tool to significantly enhance efficiency while upholding the highest standards of quality and data integrity in their groundbreaking work.

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BioCentriq will leverage the autoloMATE platform to streamline its process development operations and enhance client experience, utilizing its intuitive configuration and execution services. This partnership aims to ultimately accelerate batch delivery, ensuring patients have faster access to cutting-edge cell therapies.

“Autolomous' autoloMATE platform will transform our operations, replacing paper-based systems with a purpose-built digital solution,” said David Smith, Ph.D., Vice President of Development at BioCentriq. “By streamlining data exchange throughout the development and manufacturing processes, we will be able to enhance operational efficiency and flexibility, de-risk timelines and ultimately deliver life-changing therapies to patients more quickly.”

"BioCentriq's unwavering dedication to pioneering new paths in the medical field, coupled with their spirit of collaboration, perfectly aligns with our vision," said Alexander Seyf, CEO and Co-founder of Autolomous. "The distinct capabilities of our platform are meticulously engineered to navigate and surmount the intricacies of cell and gene therapy development and production. Through our partnership, we are poised to accelerate towards a future where life-saving therapies are within reach of every patient in need, marking a significant leap forward in healthcare innovation."