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Cellceutix Announces Kevetrin™ in Combination with Radiation Delayed Tumor Growth by Twofold in Head and Neck Cancer Study

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Cellceutix Corporation has provided additional research data on Kevetrin™, its p53 breakthrough anti-cancer compound.

Kevetrin™ was studied as combination therapy with radiation to treat human head and neck cancer lines implanted in animals. While tumors treated with Kevetrin™ or radiation alone each showed significant anti-tumor activity, tumors treated with Kevetrin™ followed by radiation one week later demonstrated superior results in controlling tumor size.

Since the sequence of Kevetrin™ followed by radiation outpaced the reverse (radiation then Kevetrin™), Kevetrin™ may be acting as a "radiosensitizer," a term used to describe sensitization of tumor cells to radiation at the cellular level. Further information on the study is available at http://www.cellceutix.com/product-candidates/kevetrin-our-lead-compound.html.

Dr. Krishna Menon, Chief Scientific Officer of Cellceutix, commented, "Our research to date has shown the potential of Kevetrin™ as a stand-alone therapy. This additional data demonstrates its value as a combination therapy.

We believe the radiosensitizer capacity of Kevetrin™ is once again attributable to its interaction with p53. The data that we have collected in our pre-clinical studies on Kevetrin™ gives me great hope that Cellceutix is developing a drug that one day will have a major impact on cancer treatments."

To provide investors with a greater understanding of Cellceutix, an audio interview has been conducted with The Green Baron Report. The webcast is available for listening or download at http://thegreenbaron.com/Webcasts.htm.