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Custom Cryopreservation Storage Solutions for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cryopreservation storage solutions for cell therapy.
Credit: AMSBIO.
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CELLBANKER® freezing media from AMSBIO is now available in customizable formats, seamlessly integrating into cell manufacturing processes with personalized formulations, volumes, and packaging.


Cited in over 500 scientific publications, the CELLBANKER range has proven itself as a safe and reliable solution for storing cells and tissues. This includes GMP-grade, chemically defined formulations specifically designed for the storage of biospecimens for clinical applications.

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Widespread adoption of cell and gene therapies has required new advances in cell manufacturing and processing to produce pharmaceutical-grade products. The move from research and development to clinical applications presents technical and regulatory challenges. Ensuring both consumables and manufacturing equipment meet rigorous quality standards is crucial for achieving clinically safe cell products and requires meticulous planning and substantial investment.


Working closely with leading life science companies, AMSBIO has recognized that manufacturing process development requires not only high-quality equipment and reagents but also that everything must seamlessly integrate for large-scale cell production. As a greater number of diverse cell therapies move towards market adoption, their efficient manufacture demands flexible options to fit the variety of closed systems managing the expansion, harvesting and storage of cells in deliverable formats.


To cater for large scale cell manufacturing processes where the standard CELLBANKER plastic bottles may not be suitable, AMSBIO now offers a consultation service to customize this market-leading product in different packaging and even formulations optimized to enhance, streamline, and improve your manufacturing process.