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Endomagnetics Expands its Horizons

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Endomagnetics is receiving enquiries from across the world after it featured on the BBC World Horizons programme recently.

The Horizons series features companies and technologies that have the potential to address some of the planet’s most pressing challenges.

In Endomagnetics’ case, they have developed a medical device called SentiMag® based on principles of nano-magnetism, which gives clinicians a much simpler and cheaper method for tracking the spread of cancers, especially breast cancer.

As CEO Dr Eric Mayes explained in the video clip, by avoiding the need for radioactive isotopes, the availability of a key technique - sentinel lymph node biopsy - is significantly extended.

In some parts of the world, only 5% of the patients who could benefit have access to this technique.

BBC reporter Adam Shaw visited the team in Cambridge as well as filming at Guy’s Hospital, London, where he saw a demonstration of how the SentiMag® instrument is used in an operating theatre.

Shaw was enthusiastic about nanotechnology and commented: “This could be one technology that’s on the wave of what some experts have dubbed the ‘next industrial revolution’”.