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InSphero To Revolutionize Oncology Research Through Advanced 3D Cell-Based Assays With ATCC

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InSphero, and ATCC, will work together to introduce new paradigms in the rapidly evolving field of 3D cell-based oncology research.

A primary objective of this collaboration is to give the scientific and research communities unprecedented access to assay-ready 3D tumor microtissues. This is made possible by synergistically coupling ATCC's authenticated cells with InSphero's innovative, industryleading 3D cell-based assay platforms. Moreover, the partnership will provide an expansive and diverse portfolio of tumor models, ensuring researchers have access to enriched data sets that underpin better decision-making in drug discovery and development.

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“Through this partnership with ATCC, we are fulfilling a long-standing ambition to open new avenues for advancing cancer research at a global scale,” said Dr. Jan Lichtenberg, CEO of InSphero. “By supplying assay-ready 3D tumor microtissues based on ATCC cells, we're not only significantly accelerating research timelines but also setting a new gold standard for uniformity and reproducibility in the research community.”

In addition to offering innovative products, InSphero will provide educational webinars and workshops with ATCC’s support to promote awareness and training around this cutting-edge technology. These efforts aim to equip the research community with the essential tools they need for the efficient generation of high-quality data.

“The combination of InSphero's technology with ATCC’s high-quality cell lines to generate 3D models in a convenient format will greatly benefit the oncology research community," said Dr. Ruth Cheng, ATCC Senior Vice President and General Manager, Research & Industrial Solutions. "This partnership is an important advancement in oncology drug discovery and development toward the next generation of therapies.”