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Linkam To Present Market-Leading Stages at Ams 2023

The Linkam MFS.
Credit: Linkham.
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Linkam Scientific Instruments showcased its range of temperature and environmental control microscopy stages – the DSC450, THMS600, and MFS – at this year’s Advanced Materials Show (AMS) in Columbus, Ohio.


The unique microscope-mounted design of Linkam’s differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) stages provides high-resolution image and time-lapse recording, and is particularly suited to pharmaceutical applications. DSC is used to measure temperature and heat flow associated with thermal transitions in materials and Linkam’s optical DSC450 has been optimised to measure sample transition temperature and enthalpy change. Researchers from the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Life and Medical Sciences previously utilised the Linkam DSC450 to characterise drug-polymer excipient systems.[i] The stage allowed the researchers to simplify the experiment and alleviate issues associated with drug-polymer miscibility.

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With a temperature range of <-195° C to 600° C, Linkam’s range of THMS stages also offers accurate and stable testing of samples with controlled humidity, pressure and vacuum environments for use in a wide range of research fields. A study using Linkam’s technology found through microscopic examination that melt inclusions in the Alto da Cabeça pegmatite in North-East Brazil were entrapped with CO2-enriched fluid inclusions,[ii] paving the way for new insights into carbon capture technology.


The Linkam MFS is designed for the characterisation of the mechanical properties of new or upgraded materials, such as carbon fibre and graphene. Its advanced material analysis capabilities make it suited to a range of applications in sectors as diverse as human prosthetics and aircraft. The Linkam MFS gives users the flexibility to easily adapt the change grips, heater type and force ranges on the stage.


Clara Ko, Sales and Marketing Director at Linkam, outlined Linkam’s enthusiasm for attending the Advanced Materials Show: “We are delighted to be at this year’s AMS. This show represents the latest in high performance materials technology in diverse sectors, and Linkam’s stages are well suited to supporting a wide range of applications to advance the field of materials science. The systems we will be presenting are proficient in analysing advanced materials, making them highly pertinent to this year’s show. We are looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities, with our specialists present to answer any questions users may have.”