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Lung Cancer Test Could Identify High-Risk Patients Before Symptoms

Lung Cancer Test Could Identify High-Risk Patients Before Symptoms  content piece image
iOmics partner Luis Mur in the lab at Aberystwyth University.
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A new diagnostic test for lung cancer could identify high-risk patients even before the onset of symptoms. Cscreen+ will provide an annual lung cancer screening test for high-risk smokers aged 45 and older using lateral flow technology. It will allow rapid early diagnosis and intervention, potentially saving thousands of lives and significantly reducing costs of diagnosis and care associated with late-stage disease.

The test is being brought to market by iOmics Ltd., a diagnostics company based in Wales. iOmics is commercializing the outcomes of world-class research from scientists and researchers at Aberystwyth University to develop new rapid screening tests for human health, which could save thousands of lives and save governments millions in healthcare costs.

The new tests have been made possible through the discovery of unique "biomarkers" – molecules found in blood or other body fluids that can indicate the presence of a particular disease – by scientists working at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) at Aberystwyth University.
Their development has been supported by funding of around £2m, including investment from academics, founders, the Welsh Government Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship (KESS) scheme, NHS Wales, and a £1m development grant from Innovate UK and the Canadian Government.

iOmics is now looking to raise seed funding to take the products to market.
A co-founder of the business is entrepreneur Ian Bond, who also founded medtech company Bond Digital Health.

Mr Bond said: “In the fast-changing world of the 21st century, we face major new challenges in human and animal health, food and agriculture. iOmics was set up to meet those challenges by turning world-class research into game-changing diagnostics."

“Our lateral flow-based diagnostic tests will deliver easy-to-use, low-cost and rapid, accurate results without the need for laboratories, and will have huge impacts in human health.”

Professor Luis Mur, a partner in iOmics who led the research at Aberystwyth University, said: “We’re proud to launch iOmics as a solution to global problems. This enterprise helps move science out of the lab and into the hands of practitioners.”

iOmics is also working on projects involving other human diseases, including tuberculosis, respiratory diseases, prostate cancer, and other communicable and non-communicable diseases.

It is also releasing products for the animal health market. Its first, bTBscreen+, is a rapid, point-of-use test for bovine TB based on lateral flow technology.